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Lift Reveals

“Custom Lift & Door Reveals for Sydney”

At Twisted Metalcraft, we have supplied and installed lift reveals and door reveals in Sydney’s greater metropolitan area for close to 10 years. We manufacture a large variety of lift reveals and lift door panelling from simple designs and basic materials through to exotic metals and applied metal finishes.

Our custom lift reveals and lift doors can be made from almost any metal and made to almost any specification, with some of the more popular lift reveals and lift doors fabricated from plate stainless in both #4 (satin finish) and mirror
polished varieties. Twisted Metalcrafts tradesmen can visit sites Sydney wide to take measurements and provide advice on your next Sydney project.

Lift Reveal and Lift Door Material Options

Choose from a range of material options, including:

Stainless Steel – Various finishes (#4 Polished, Mirror Finished, Coloured Stainless)
Mild Steel – Various finishes (Rusted Finish, Raw Finish, Blackened & Powdercoated)
Coloured, Patterned and Embossed steel
Brass – Various finishes (See our Architectural & Bespoke Metal Finishes Page)
Copper – Various finishes (See our Architectural & Bespoke Metal Finishes Page)

Commercial and Residential Lift Doors

Property buyers, office workers, hotel guests and shoppers increasingly expect beautiful, functional spaces.

Providing stylish lift reveals instantly adds a modern, aesthetically pleasing touch to any residential building, hotel, shopping mall, office space or government building.

Talk to us about your upcoming project – we can work with your designs or collaborate with you to come up with the perfect solution.

We deliver Sydney-wide!

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