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Design & Construct

“Custom CAD Drawing and Fabricating”

Design & Construct

At Twisted Metalcraft, we know that design and construct contracts are becoming more common place across Australia and Sydney.
Twisted Metalcraft has extensive knowledge in custom fabrication using a range of metals such as, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, copper, brass and alloys.

We have a team of specialist CAD Draftsmen that can design and produce high quality, detailed construction drawings of all items we fabricate.
Drawing on our organisational experience and our extensive range of successful projects, these CAD Drawings can then be passed onto the client for final approvals.

Once approved your CAD Drawings are converted into shop drawings and CNC files, which are used on our in house machinery.
With this approach we can ensure the highest quality product is manufactured, to specification and on time without compromising any of the architectural features of the project.

Sydney Wide Delivery or Installation can be arranged

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