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Copper Metalwork

“Unique Custom Copper Creations”

Custom Copper Metalwork for Sydney

Malleable and ductile, copper is a highly versatile material. This metal can be given in a number of finishes, from polished or brushed to a mirror rose gold finish. It can be presented in its newest form or artistically aged to give a one-off, unique look with colour ranging from light brown to black or even blues and green.

First discovered over 10,000 years ago, copper retains its perennial charm. Copper metalwork is increasing in demand in Sydney and throughout Australia as it is extremely versatile and always looks great.

Typical copper finishes

  • Raw Finish
  • #4 Finish
  • Mirror Finish
  • Aged or Patina Finish please see our Architectural & Bespoke Metal Finishes Page.

Benches and counter tops

Twisted Metalcraft can help you with your next residential or commercial kitchen, bar or restaurant by providing
bespoke counter tops, cabinets, benches, bars, splashbacks range hoods, shelves and cabinets.

All our items are custom designed and made in house to meet your specific needs.
During Twisted Metalcraft’s many years of operation, we have made metal countertops from a large variety of materials. This includes stainless steel, copper, brass, zinc, and mild steel.

Whether you need a one off bench, full commercial or custom outdoor kitchen, we can build countertops, bars or benches to your specific requirements.

Custom counter tops and islands benches are created to fit the shape and size of your kitchen. We make it easy to specify and customise every feature and dimension by sending our tradesmen to your site to take measurements and discuss styles and designs before production.

Every copper bench supplied by Twisted Metalcraft is fully welded and polished. We also give you the option of accessorising with welded and integrated custom bowls and strainers.

To ensure the best lead times and the highest quality, our CAD draftsman can draw up plans and 3D detailed drawings of every bench. This will ensure your finished product is exactly as you imagined.


The best metals for countertops


It is common place to see stainless steel countertops in professional or contemporary kitchens as they look great and are hard wearing. However stainless steel is hardly the only choice, having only been around since around 1912.
Prior to the use of stainless steel, zinc, copper, bronze and even pewter were the main options. Still today these are very common place in traditional or period style kitchens.

Metal countertops are far superior to stone (such as granite) as they are not porous, they are more stain resistant, and best of all they are fully recyclable.
We offer patinas or aging on all steel benchtops. See our Architectural & Bespoke Metal Finishes Page.

Metal finishes

Twisted Metalcraft offers bespoke colour matching and aging services.
The range of metal finishes we use is forever expanding as no one job is the same. Choose from mirror polished
metals in:

  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Rusted steel
  • Blackened steel
  • Colour matched, aged and antiqued bronzes
  • Stained or aged stainless steel

Send us a sample for matching services, we can then fabricate and provide a finished product for you in-house.

Which materials can be aged?

Nearly any metal can have a patina finish or be aged. Most commonly are brass, copper, mild steel, stainless steel,
aluminium, bronze and sterling silver.


Precious Metal Coatings

Some products cannot be made from the precious metals we desire. This could be because of simple material properties and limitations or because the time and labour needed to create the product would far exceed what anyone would be willing to pay.

Twisted Metalcraft have created a product from real metal that can be coated onto almost any substrate, metallic and non-metallic alike. The range of items we can coat includes timber, plastic, concrete and much more. These materials could not previously be plated in metal using traditional electroplating methods.

We can fabricate bespoke metal coatings from aluminium, brass, bronze, white gold, copper, iron, pewter, nickel, zinc or stainless steel. By using these real metals, we can provide aging and patinas to these surfaces or leave them
to age naturally.

How Metal Ages

Due to the way it ages, if a metal is polished anywhere from a satin finish through to a mirror polish it will age in proportion to the polish on the surface.
The higher the polish, the less prone a metal will be to aging / corrosion. To achieve a dark antique finish, the metal is not simply coated with a product as this will not appear natural.

The ancient processes we use at Twisted Metalcraft causes material to react to chemicals in a careful and controlled way. In doing this we accelerate the natural process that would occur if left in the right environment.

If you have a finish that needs to be matched, send us a sample or a quality image and our specialists will create a matching process. Metal finishing and patinas are generally not uniform in colour as metals naturally age over time, reacting in a way
that causes transitions between shades and colour. The outcome of a naturally aged finish depends on factors like temperature, humidity, PH level, pollutants and other chemical reactions.

When a uniform colour is required, Twisted Metalcraft offers paint and powder coat to complete a standard final

Matching New Metals with Old

If you want your newly fabricated items to match your existing ones, send us a sample or a high-quality image and we will match the finish to suit.

Everyone has a name for their finishes and if we are to match another supplier we need as much information as we
can get.

From time to time, some suppliers claim to have metal aged finishes but they just tint the surface with paints,
whereas our finishes are done using ancient formulas and processes. This provides our customers with the real deal,
rather than a cheap imitation.

Polished and Antique Brass

In addition to copper, brass is often used as a base for a lot of the metal finishes at Twisted Metalcraft.

Polished brass is a very popular choice as it resembles gold and is much more resistant to corrosion and staining while coming in at a fraction of the cost. This material is commonly used in household furniture, in door and window
fittings as well as in the car industry.

The longer brass is left in the elements, the duller and darker it will turn over time. Depending on your project, you
may want the brass to look anywhere from a year old to 200 years old. This is where we apply our aging and patina techniques to give you the look you are after.

Copper Patina and Aging

Brass is a copper alloy so it comes as no surprise that there are many similarities between the two.

If left untreated, copper will corrode and age, changing colour to brown, green and blue. Just like brass, we can
accelerate the aging and patina process to give you one of these colours or maybe even a mixture of a few.

Realistic metal finishes for Sydney

At Twisted Metalcraft, we have a thorough understanding of the true chemical nature of metals and the processes that naturally occur when they are exposed to different environments over time. This knowledge, combined with years
of bespoke metal finishing experience means that your metal finish will be unique and will look completely realistic.

Metal finishes can be done in a matter of hours or days, depending on the finish you require and can resemble a
natural finish that may have taken decades to form.

For more information on our Metal Finishes see our Architectural & Bespoke Metal Finishes Page.

Copper info

Twisted Metalcraft specialises in the fabrication, manufacture and repair of copper products. Copper has been used in construction and decoration for over 10,000 years. As one of the oldest metals in use, it comes as no surprise that copper benchtops have been around a long time.

Copper has unique antimicrobial properties (see our Antimicrobial Copper Page for more info) and looks great when it is polished or as it ages to a rose gold, brown, black or green colour.

It has been proven in a British study that the bacteria E coli can survive on stainless steel for over 30 days, but on copper it only survives for 4 hours, making copper a smart choice in situations where hygiene is important.

For more information on copper and its antimicrobial properties please see our Antimicrobial Copper Page.

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