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Working with stainless steel.



• Stainless steel distorts up to 70% more than other steels when heat is applied, and therefore much more care should be taken when welding, cutting, and even polishing.

• When welding stainless steel be sure to aim the heat away from the job and remember to use chill bars or even to cool the work with water.

• Cutting stainless steel for the average person should be done using an angle grinder with a 1mm thick cutting disk, remember the thinner the disk the better, as this will cut through a lot easier. A thicker cutting disk will only add more heat and it will harden the steel making your job of cutting the steel more difficult with a possibly burning your work.

• Bending stainless can be a little difficult also as it work hardens very quickly, after only a few bends the steel forms cracks and will break very easily.

Any steel will expand when heated and contract when cooled and it is important to know that the steel will expand or contract in a uniform manner, for example of you were to apply heat to a ring of steel it will expand in a way that will increase the outer as well as the inner circumference and the opposite would occur if cooled.

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