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Stainless Quick Tips

Cleaning Stainless



Cleaning stainless steel can be easy if the right steps and precautions are used, here we will make the does and donts very clear.
To start off with you do not have to buy expensive products to clean stainless steel, although these work extremely well, if you are only cleaning a few bits and pieces every now and then it does not warrant spending the big dollars on a can that you will probably never finish in your lifetime. Using the right methods the job becomes a breeze and the finish is outstanding. If you would like to learn more about the cleaning and maintenance of stainless steels feel free to view our Quick Tips for Cleaning and taking care of Stainless Steel.

Working with Stainless


Stainless steel is very different to other metals, one example of this is how stainless steel work hardens very quickly, this can be easily seen when drilling stainless. When drilling stainless steel the drill should only be used on a slow setting (the slower the better) and plenty of lubricant should also be used, and always remember that a drill bit is made for cutting not grinding that is why a slow speed and plenty of lubricant works the best and keeps your drill bits sharper longer. Also because stainless steel is a very poor thermal conductor this aids the work hardening process, if you would like to learn more about working with stainless check out our working with stainless page.