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The Meat Hook

The Meat Hook is a hook that is used to hoist up and hang game for the caping and butchering process, using The Meat hook you can speed up the process and increase general hygiene and safety.

The Meat Hook is very simple to use and it can be used for game such as Deer, Pigs, Goats, and Kangaroo just to name a few.


See our video below for a demonstration on how to use The Meat Hook.



Hygienically cape and butcher game off of the ground.

Super strong design with a cable strength rating of 700kg.

Free both of your hands.

Durable 304 Stainless Steel.

Extension cables and accessories can be bought separately.

Chain and cable enables fast and effective tie downs.

Australian made.

Easily fits into backpacks.

Can be used for various types of game.

Easy to clean.

Reduces meat spoilage.

Increases safety.


The Meat Hook

RRP $125


·        1 Meat Hook (304 grade Stainless steel)

·        6 Meters of cable (surgical Grade Stainless Steel)

·         1 chain attachment (Surgical Grade Stainless Steel)

·        Postage and Handling



Chain and Cable Accessory (See Video below for a demonstration)

RRP $15


·        1 chain 300mm long (Surgical Grade Stainless Steel)

·         1 D shackle (Surgical Grade Stainless Steel)

·        Postage included when purchasing with a Meat Hook





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