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"Stainless Steel
information and supplies"

We at Twisted Metalcraft are a business built upon rock solid foundations, made up of quality, precision, pride and trust. This business has been formed by the partnership of two brothers Andrew and Barrie, that strive for nothing less than perfect in their day to day duties.

Go no further for all of your stainless needs and technical information, we provide specifications and uses of different stainless steels such as the chemical properties, and density, to fabrication, buying online, and free E-Mail quotations (we also provide free onsite measure and quote).

We supply a large range of products and services from bench and backsplash making to balustrades and all other general cutting, bending, welding, drilling, polishing and stainless fabrications.
Wether it is a product you are looking for, if you would like a free online quotation done
, or if you are simply looking for some information, we at Twisted Metalcraft are here to give you what it is you need.

Although we predominantly supply stainless steel, we also fabricate and supply aluminum and mild steel products.


Stainless Steel Grades
There are many uses for different stainless steel grades and it is important to know their strengths, weaknesses and chemical properties when it comes down to purchasing the right steel for the job.


chemical properties of stainless steel
knowing the physical and chemical properties of stainless steel are very important when choosing which steel to use, for example ferrous as opposed to non ferrous stainless etc.


Stainless Quick Tips
working with or cleaning stainless steel can be easy and painless if the right steps and precautions are used, here we will give you some stainless quick tips and...


Stainless Care
cleaning stainless steel can be an easy job if you follow some simple basic steps along the way, here you will find information on stainless steel care and maintenance.


Working with stainless steel
Working with stainless steel is very different compared to working with other steels, knowing these behaviors can save you a lot of time money and frustration.


E-Mail Quotes
At twisted metalcraft we provide email quotes from drafts provided by our clients as well as on site quoting, we provide a wide variety of stainless, aluminium and mild steel products as well as fabrications.


Some products we supply are BSB fittings, sheet metal, tubing, solid bar, angle, valves and much more.


At Twisted Metalcraft we design and fabricate, benches and splashbacks, stainless handrails, rangehoods and any general fabrications or engineering services.


contact us
contact us for any metal fabrications or stainless supplies.


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